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Titchwell Manor 2012

5th December 2012

“A Passion to Inspire “, Flying Visits, a celebration of the pig and its journey from stress-free life on the farm to mouth-watering pork on a plate.


Seventeen young people from seven colleges  were given the chance to work alongside distinguished chefs at the latest Flying Visit which was held at Titchwell Manor in North West Norfolk on Wednesday 5 December 2012.



Student chefs worked with Eric Snaith and Chris Mann of Titchwell Manor, Russell Bateman from Colette’s Restaurant, Roger Hickman, Hickman’s Restaurant, Phil Thompson of Brocket Hall and Sam Bryant of Stratton’s.


Front of House staff worked with Titchwell Manor’s Mark Dobby and Jamie Aram from Hallgarten Wines as well as Franck-Lin Dalle, the owner of Chateau de Campuget who was doing the wine pairings.


Diners and students were given a presentation on pork by Mark Hayward of Dingley Dell Pork and a butchery master class by Glyn Feller of Cleveley’s Butchers, 


Mark Hayward says: “Dingley Dell’s beautiful flavour comes from the breeds used, great animal health and welfare, naturally balanced nutrition and a stress-free environment. These pork dishes are created with passion and skill by award-winning chefs.”


All the students names and colleges appeared on the menu. They described the dish or the wine they served prior to each course (after coaching in the art of presentation from Master Chef Murray Chapman), and were exceptional and a credit to their respective colleges.


Over £2,000 was raised on the evening for Hospitality Action.


Carmel Asbury, Head of School of Hospitality at West Suffolk College, said: “This is a great opportunity for our students to get involved with some top chefs in the Country. These students have a Great Experience and we are all looking forward to the next event. 


This was the sixth Dingley Dell Flying Visit this year. Dingley Dell hopes to organise more on the same format, with Hospitality students involved, through their links with Murray Chapman, All the support and help from  Freedom Food and “ A Passion to Inspire “



Jamie Aram from Hallgarten Wines and Mark Dobby from Titchwell Manor 


College students Front of House

Adam Neary from Wigan and Leigh

Jessica Read  from West Suffolk College 

Joel Bennett from Cambridge Regional College

Emma Seaman from City College Norwich

Christian Shields from Westminster Kingsway College






Canapés (Eric Snaith, Titchwell Manor )


Mussel Chowder, Smoked Bacon, Marsh Vegetables (Eric Snaith, Titchwell Manor)


'Jam on Toast' (Sam Bryant, Stratton’s)


Trotter Croquettes, Cauliflower, Peanut Granola, Coriander (Phil Thompson, Auberge du Lac)


Pork Belly, Smoked Eel, Foie Gras, Teriyaki (Russell Bateman, Colette’s)


Braised Pig’s Head, Confit Turnip, Carrot Purée (Roger Hickman, Hickman's Restaurant)


Apple Tart Tatin, Crackling Ice Cream (Chris Mann, Titchwell Manor)



College students in the kitchens

Simon Slack - Cambridge Regional College

Joe Brackenbury - City College Norwich

Jack Hazel - Colchester Institute

Freya Taperell - Suffolk New College

Teagan Erichsen - Westminster Kingsway College

Bethany Brame (Advanced Professional Cookery VRQ3) West Suffolk College

Cameron Davies - Wigan and Leigh College


This Dingley Dell Flying visit has been organised by Master Chef Murray Chapman in collaboration with RSPCA’s Freedom Food, Hospitality Action and A Passion to Inspire.

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