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Prepare Yourself:


You will usually be invited to attend a trial as part of the job interview.  A trial gives you an opportunity to show case your skill set whilst experiencing the kitchen and team you will be working with.


To make the best of your trial ensure that you:

  • Have your Clean, Pressed Chef Whites, Safety Shoes and Sharpened Knives

  • Are Clean and Presentable.

  • Prepare for your trial by researching the Hotel / Restaurant / Unit through their website.

  • Be Punctual for your appointment ensuring that you can travel to your trial for the expected arrival time.

  • Show initiative , ask questions and take a pen and paper to take notes.





It is common for hotels and some restaurants to offer staff accommodation with the job. If you are prepared to live away from home this will offer you many more opportunities within the industry from gastro style properties to large hotels with Michelin rated restaurants.




As a young chef joining a kitchen having industry experience is great but one of the most important things you can offer is enthusiasm, commitment, a good attitude and the desire to learn.

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Your CV is your opportunity to sell yourself so ensure it is carefully presented giving the information required.

For further help and support on building a CV as well as applying to job opportunities contact First Contact Chefs

Name Clearly Stated


Information about yourself:

  • Aspirations 

  • Ambitions 

  • Strengths 


  • GCSE's

  • School

  • NVQ Levels

  • College

  • Course

  • Dates for everything

PTI CV Template.jpg

Personal information:

  • Email 

  • Phone number 

  • home number 

  • Address

Work History:

  • Name of establishment 

  • Job field 

  • Dates

  • Brief description of duties

  • References available on request

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