Zest Quest Asia and Tilda Rice – An Inspirational Student Challenge 2021

9th January 2021

As a follow up to the highly successful Zest Quest Asia Summer Challenge that took place in June and July this year -- just as Britain was emerging from the first lockdown – Zest Quest Asia’s founders, the restaurateurs Cyrus and Pervin Todiwala, have been inspired to launch another spinoff of the annual student culinary competition. Planning is firmly underway with a launch date set for early January 2021. 

Student watercress challenge winners 

5th November 2020

Launched just 4 weeks ago this Student Watercress challenge has been a great success

Zest Quest Asia Summer Challenge Winners named

20th of September   

Students from Colchester Institute, University College Birmingham and North Hertfordshire College triumph

MCSUK - Good fish guild book released 

7th October 2020

Inspire your Young Chefs - Students - Brigade and Colleagues – New Ratings Guide launch date TODAY 7th October 2020!!!

The Student Watercress Challenge 

1st of October 2020

The Prize is a stunning engraved WUSTHOF Knife worth over £120 – and we have 2 one for the Winner and one for their lecturer.