MCSUK - Good fish guild book released 

7th October 2020

Inspire your Young Chefs - Students - Brigade and Colleagues – New Ratings Guide launch date TODAY 7th October 2020!!!

The Student Watercress Challenge 

1st of October 2020

The Prize is a stunning engraved WUSTHOF Knife worth over £120 – and we have 2 one for the Winner and one for their lecturer.

Zest Quest Asia Summer Challenge Winners named

20th of September   

Students from Colchester Institute, University College Birmingham and North Hertfordshire College triumph

AHDB Introduce Lamb week to celebrate Lamb produce

24th of August  

The week-long campaign which runs from 1 to 7 September, will for the first time highlight the sustainable qualities lamb brings to the dinner table.


Food Safety in Hospitality Post Covid-19' Business Re-openings and Best Practice

24th of June 

The online event will review reopening procedures in line with government guidance, and how hospitality businesses are managing in China Post Covid-19.