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National Seafood Chef 2022 - Rick Stein - Nathan Outlaw - A Passion to Inspire


An honour and a pleasure to Support this Great Competition in its 25 Year – a fantastic opportunity for chefs to be Inspired and develop their Skills


Entries are now open for the National Young Seafood Chef of the Year Competition, this year is going to be bigger than ever as the event celebrates its 25th year. We are glad to announce we have a panel of judges that are the country's best seafood chefs, this is a once in a lifetime event as Nathan Outlaw, Mark Hix, Mitch Tonks and Rick Stein will come together to decide which team will gain the accolade of the best National Seafood Chef of the Year. 


This year they are promoting UK landed seafood this year, lets celebrate the fantastic selection of species we have within the three dishes that teams produce. The heats are across the UK in May and the dates are held on their website, they will be choosing three successful teams from each heat to compete in the final on 10th June 2022. Prizes will be announced over our Instagram page so watch out for updates to get a small 'taste' of what to expect, there are  also have some interesting study trips supported by the above named chefs planned.... watch this space and good luck!


When planning and creating your dishes please use The Marine conversation Society App – as they will guide you to the best sustainable produce -Click Here


There is also a very special invite for a Chef to be involved with the heats as a Judge and be a guest at the Final – please contact Paul Robinson


Below is the link to the website:


Video to promote the launch:


Be Passionate - Be Inspired - Be Involved


All the best



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