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Dirty Dozen 2021

19th September 

Who’s the King of the Barbecue?


We often see chefs competing on our TVs but this weekend (19th Sept) 23 of the country’s finest went head to head in a barbecue contest that the public could eat!  Chefs teamed up with students from catering colleges to make 2 dishes for the Dingley Dell Dirty Dozen competition which was held at Signature Brewery in Walthamstow, London.


The title of Dirty Dozen Championship Team 2021 was taken by The Mighty Morphin Pork Arrangers led by John Jackaman and Barney O’Connell from the Suffolk based Infusions Group.  They were assisted by New City College (London) students Sam Paoli, & Paulo Dela Cruz and their lecturer Jeff Mason.   Their dishes of North Carolina smoked pork shoulder in a potato bun with North Carolina coleslaw and vinegar sauce, and homemade black pudding with Suffolk apple crumble, treacle smoked bacon, liquid nitrogen and vanilla ice cream won the most points overall.


Meanwhile, the honour of Grand Pork Chef 2021 was given to Russell Bateman, from The Falcon at Castle Ashby, Northamptonshire with his dish of barbecued Dingley Dell pork ribeye, with a charcuterie sauce, baked squash, smoked cream and pickled cucumber.

Helping Russell were his team (The Mardy Mods) North Hertfordshire College students Poppy Andrews and Ethan McKenna and their lecturer Robert Broome.


Russell Bateman says “It was amazing to see so many great chefs working so closely with the colleges and brilliant students.  The young chefs are the future of our industry and it’s our responsibility to connect with, encourage and inspire them”.



The event was organised by Murray Chapman who runs “A Passion to Inspire” which gives catering students a chance to work with leading chefs in the industry.  Murray says “The food, the fun, the banter was magical. A massive thank you to everyone who attended and supported the event”.


The dishes we judged by a celebrity panel which included Dan Hawkins from the band The Darkness and the comedian Ed Gamble.  The food was sold to the general public and together with a charity auction the event raised around £6,000 for the Suffolk-based Over the Rainbow Children’s Charity.


The meat was donated by Dingley Dell Pork, and the cooking took place on brand new Broil King gas barbecues using Calor Gas



Pictures attached.   Judges - Dan Hawkins (centre left), Ed Gamble (centre right)

Russell’s Mardy Mob (from left Mark Hayward from Dingley Dell Pork, Ethan McKenna, Poppy Andrews, Russell Bateman, Robert Broome, Steve Munkley [one of the judges] )

Mighty Morphin Pork Arrangers - students Sam Paoli, & Paulo Dela Cruz helping John Jackaman put the finishing touches to their dish

Dirty Dozen- Passion to Inpsire 2021 poster.jpg

Menu Dirty Dozen 2021

Hoggy’s Dellends - Matthew Hoggard and Dez Turland- Milton Keynes College

Death By Bacon


Glazed Taiwanese Toma Pork / 90 Day Dry Aged Artio / Fermented Black Garlic / Pickled Daikon & Apple / Peanuts / Mandarin / Bamboo Shot of Kavalan


Poynton’s Pirates - Mark Poynton – Sam Carter- Grimsby Institute

Pressure cooked & BBQ Ham Hock – Smoked Crème Fraiche – fermented apple &turnip Slaw and brioche Bun

Slow Cooked Osso Bucco – Crackling – Salsa Verde (coriander) and charred Jalapenos


Milkies Swine’s - Adam Lestrelle and Dennis Mwakulua- Basingstoke College

BBQ Char Sui Pluma Doughnut, Sweet & Sour Jam, Chorizo & Vinegar Popcorn.

BBQ Dingley Dell Shoulder Blade, Cucumber, Mint, Coconut & Coriander Salad,  Pork Scratches Bun


Paton’s Porketeers - Alan Paton and Matt Willby- Colchester Institute

I - bru Mc Pig 

Cacao porky taco


Jabba The Nuts - Nutter- Rob Kennedy- Pork Tenderloin and Nuts- Loughborough College

Chargrilled kebab’ Katsu sauce’ coconut crumble’ yoghurt flatbread’ coriander

Porky 🐷 dib dab Dipping sticks’ Pork mirror glaze’ crunch’ pickled apples


The Mardy Mods - Russell Bateman– Jean Paul – North Hertfordshire College

BBQ’d Dingley Dell Pork Ribeye, Charcuterie Sauce, Baked Squash, Smoked Cream, Pickled Cucumber


Delia’s Darlings - Eric Snaith – Fred Bambridge – West Suffolk College

BBQ rib, bread and smoked butter, pickles

Pancetta and fior di latte sando. Eric's barbecue sauce, Dingley Dell Nuada mayo, Corn, Burnt husk emulsion.



Smithy’s City Slickers - Adam Smith- Jonas Plangger - Farnborough College

BBQ Lobster Roll with Coworth Kimchi, Dingle jowl and Iceni salami

Dingle Dell smoked Bacon and treacle Choux with pecan praline


“Mighty Morphin Pork Arrangers” John Jackaman & Barney O’Connell   -  City College London 

North Carolina smoked shoulder of pork served in a potato bun with North Carolina coleslaw and vinegar sauce

Homemade Black pudding Suffolk apple crumble with a treacle smoked bacon, liquid Nitrogen, vanilla ice cream.


Los Dos Amigos Peludos – Lee Cooper - Greg Emmerson- Cambridge Regional College

Koji marinated pork neck steam, with tamari pickled wood ear mushrooms, apple, burnt carrot, grilled enoki , chamoy sauce

Tenderloin – Corn Miso, Mole Negro, Taco, Pickled Chilli and sala de los Condenados


Claxton’s Crafty Cockney Rebels -Nick Claxton Webb – Scott Taylor – New Suffolk College

Crafty Claxton’s Kung Fu Bao Bun – Kimchi Slaw

Suffolk’s surprise Pork , fun and Spice


The Dare Devil BBQ’s - Jazz Dawar and Greg Cheeseman- Eastleigh College 

Jerk Pork leg Roti with Chorizo Jam

Slow cooked pork with mango, strawberry and avocado salsa

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