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Young Pastry Chef 2024

Association of Pastry Chefs – British Culinary Federation – Craft Guild of Chefs – Disciples of Escoffier– Passion to Inspire

Young Pastry Chef Winner 2024 

Lewis Jackson - The Ritz

Winner’s prizes:

NOWAH & Kemplex– A very Special Culinary Adventure 3-days one-on-one upskilling sessions with Pastry World Cup Champion Massimo Pica and one very special guest


Chefii- Knife rolls – from Jazz   Chefi


Runner up:

Erin Whipp of Leeds City College 

The Final 

The wonderful Skills shown by all finalists was incredible – their use of texture – balance – flavour and their creative culinary journey was absolutely Stunning – the great Judges had a very interesting day – Well done all Finalists!


42 Wonderful Entries

Judging the entries has been so hard – Their creative Culinary journeys have been stunning – all should be so proud of themselves – and the Stories and history behind their dishes – Great entries from all over the UK 

Additional Great Prizes and Winners 

1.Best Restaurant Dessert – Winner Harshveer Singh Sehgal of Westminster Kingsway College

2.Best use of Puff Pastry – Winner- Claudiu Zlate of Birmingham University College

3. Best Petit Fours Amedei – Winner - Amy Phillips of Cheshire College-South West

4. Best Use of Tilda Jasmine Rice – Winner - Natasha Duff of Farnborough College


Amy Philips -Cheshire College – South West

Claudiu Zlate- University College Birmingham

Erin Whipp – Leeds City College

Harshveer Singh Sehgal - Westminster College

Jack Eadie - Forth Valley College

Lewis Jackson - The Ritz

Natasha Duff - Farnborough College

Olivia Ellam- Morston Hall


Wonderful Judges 

Chair of Judges, Claire Clark, Stuart McLeod, Daniel Ayton , Barry Johnson, Shona Sutherland, 

Thomas Leatherbarrow

A Massive Special thank you

 To Lewis Walker and the whole team at The University College Birmingham for hosting and supporting a fantastic day with such brilliant Hospitality and wonderful support from Great students Jude Hemming,  Melissa Belgrave , Annamaria Hunter, Jewel Lamey, Rohan Bragg, Ingrid Madden-Allder and 2 wonderful  Lecturers Matthew Shropshall and Richard Taylor and so professional


Brilliant Photography from UCB Comms Team 

 Carrie Mole and Sean Madden


Lewis Walker – Head of The College of Food 

"It was a huge honour and fantastic experience to host and support the Young Pastry Chef competition! The standard of the competitors was exceptional, and it was inspiring to see their professionalism, skill, and passion on display.... and the food was amazing!! Massive congratulations to all the competitors and winners, and thanks to all the judges, sponsors, colleagues at The College of Food, and of course Murray, for organising a brilliant competition"

The competition was sponsored and supported by

Tilda Rice , Nowah, Kemplex, Chefii, Russums, Ponthier Puree, , Amedei Toscana, , The University College Birmingham,  The Craft Guild of Chefs, British Culinary Federation, Association of Pastry Chefs,  Disciples of Escoffier , A Passion to Inspire 

Competition Challenges

1. Plated restaurant dessert (4 Portions) - 2 for Judges - 1 for Photographs - 1 for Guests and use Ponthier Puree in the creation of your dish Ponthier Puree

2. Produce All butter Puff Pastry – you may bring it but give 1 final book turn or 2 single turns using a Kemplex Dough Sheeter from NOWAH  Nowah - Kemplex - Massimo Pica - Demonstration – from this you will be asked to make a 6 Pièce Mille Feuille filled with a flavoured crème mousseline, ( afternoon tea size )fresh fruit with a sugar caramelised top– and from the trimmings  make 10 cheese straws  both finish and flavourings are your decision.

3. Moulded Praline/ Bon Bon - 18 in total - 12 to be presented and 6 to the guests - using Great Chocolate from Ambassador Claire Clark – wonderful Chocolate from Amedei Toscana and click to learn and go on an adventure and a set Gel using Ponthier Puree 


4. Create a dish – using Poached fruit – Tilda Jasmin Rice – Showing your Skills – Flavour – Texture – Infusion - Balance – Fragrance - using other ingredients to enhance the composition and presentation – served either Hot or Cold and serve as a tasting dish ( Whole or in Portions )  for 4 Judges.  When the finalists are announced Harvir from Tilda will be in contact to help and support the finalists with Tilda Jasmin Rice Tilda Rice

Logo Young Pastry Chef.png

Judge comments

Claire Clark MBE

“It’s a privilege to be asked to judge the prestigious 2024 Young Pastry Chef of the Year Award.  I feel honoured to be part of the incredible judging panel and this inspiring competition lead the by the legend Murray Chapman.  8 finalists, craft skills galore and the relatively calm kitchen at UCB.   Only one winner but everyone has earned their place in the finals.  It’s so important to keep these competitions alive and the talent recognised “


Stuart Mcleod - Vice President -British Culinary Federation

“The standard of work we witnessed today was extraordinary, is so satisfying to see the stars of the future at this level so early in their journey, it was a  fantastic competition with a very special winner in Lewis, the British Culinary Federation will continue to support and judge this industry leading event going forward, bravo to all the finalists of the Young Pastry Chef 2024”


Daniel Ayton – President – Disciples of Escoffier 

“What a fantastic second year of this specialist competition; 8 young pastry chefs competing for the great title of ‘Young Pastry Chef’.  They all had the opportunity to work with the amazing products supplied by our sponsors including Amedei Chocolate, Ponthier , Tilda Rice and Nowah.  The winner of each task also took away a limited edition Disciples of Escoffier apron to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of its formation internationally and in  2025 the Disciples of Escoffier UK celebrates its 20th Anniversary as “The culinary home of Escoffier”


Barry Johnson – Association of Pastry Chef  

 “A huge congratulations to all the competitors that took part in the second edition of Young Pastry Chef of the Year competition  at University College Birmingham. The standard of the competition was very high and it is so great to see this level of skill in our young pastry chefs. Thanks to the mentors as well for supporting the competitors.  A special mention to the winner Lewis, who showed a consistently high level of skill in all the products she/he produced and the professional way in which she worked. The Association of Pastry Chefs is very proud to support this competition and hope it will carry on for many years to come”


Shona Sutherland

“Brilliant to see so many skills showcased at the competition, all executed in a pressured environment. The range of techniques requested really does provide the competitors with an opportunity to shine and prove their dedication. We were delighted to see and taste such a wide range of inspiring dishes, all carefully thought out by the finalists, each with inspiration from culture and heritage. It is very encouraging to see so much enthusiasm and passion for pastry “


Thomas Leatherbarrow -CEO -  The Leatherbarrow Corporation 

“Was inspiring to see so many young talented chefs performing at this high standard. With the first year of the young pastry chef of the year standard now being set very high, we look forward to many more years of judging these fantastic chefs in this fantastic competition” .  Now in it’s second year the standard is even higher !  great to see the passion shining bright “


Annette Coggins- Head of Foodservice Tilda Rice

“Wow what a great event yesterday!!!  Thanks Lewis to you and your team for facilitating a great competition. Murray as always thanks for your passion and drive to nurture young talent. Judges, great craic and thanks for giving up your time to judge.”


Culinary Legend Willie Pike

"a wonderful Culinary adventure for lecturers and students"

log on to this great website and start your journey  and recipes Culinary legend Willie Pike's Recipes

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