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Industry set for another week of celebrating lamb


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The increasingly popular Love Lamb Week kicks off its sixth-year next month, with industry support greater than ever.

The week-long campaign which runs from 1 to 7 September, will for the first time highlight the sustainable qualities lamb brings to the dinner table.

As with previous years, the industry-wide initiative is supported by AHDB, the National Sheep Association (NSA), the National Farmers Union (NFU), HCC in Wales, QMS in Scotland, LMC in Northern Ireland, Ulster Farmers’ Union and Red Tractor. With heightened support from butchers, chefs and retailers to make all things lamb.

Love Lamb Week 2020 will focus on emphasising the fantastic nutritional benefits of lamb and its unique role in sustainable meat production.

An array of new digital-friendly assets have been developed by AHDB to enthuse even more producers, chefs, butchers, retailers and wider industry to amplify lambs unique qualities. These include new and improved lamb guides, delicious recipe images and posters, and health and environment infographics.

As well as over 3,000 butcher's kits containing a poster and recipe cards have also been developed and sent to high-street butchers and farm shops. There are also Urdu translated kits arriving at Halal butchers across the country. 

Social media users can get involved by using the hashtags #LoveLamb and #MakeitLamb, to share pictures and videos to inspire others to embrace the week-long celebration.

This year’s campaign introduces the final wave of the successful joint AHDB, HCC and QMS ‘Make it Lamb’ campaign which runs from 1 September – 26 October.

Will Jackson, AHDB’s Strategy Director for Beef and Lamb, said, “Given the difficult year so far, Love Lamb Week comes on the back of a buoyant time for the sector, with increased sales in-store, which has seen mince, chops and steaks being used in more home cooked meals all over the country.

 “However, there is still more we can do to demonstrate lamb’s brilliance. We want consumers to see that lamb doesn’t just hit you in the chops with flavour, but is also nutritious and sustainable.

 “Sheep have a really unique role in being able to live in our most extreme landscapes and converting grass into delicious and versatile meat. Not only that, they aid biodiversity and maintain our most beloved landscapes. Without them our countryside would be a very different place.”

Love Lamb Week was set up in 2015 by the late Rachel Lumley, a passionate Cumbrian sheep farmer who wanted lamb to get the attention it deserves. Through her leadership, as well as solid external support, Love Lamb Week has caught the attention of top chefs from across the world, as well as national press and broadcast media.

Will Jackson said, “AHDB have been proud supporters of Love Lamb Week for several years and will continue to build on the fantastic legacy Rachel started.”  

To explore the range of resources available to download and help you get involved with Love Lamb Week or to learn more about the campaign, visit

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