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A Passion to Inspire - Leicester College 30th March 2022

30th March 2022

A very Special event at Leicester College – supported by people – employers – companies and organisations that really care about our Industries future

A lecturer starts a new culinary adventure at a college that he hopes to develop and inspire – and take all the learners on an educational path forward and upwards

The goal was Leicester College and an exciting start until March 2020 – then no industry contacts – no employer site visits no farm / produce site visits – indeed this period was not great for anybody in education or the hospitality industry or a learner or employee

A call came into “A Passion to Inspire “can you help – inspire our learners – and introduce the college to local Great Employers to help motivate and inspire our learners and help then have a career path in Hospitality.

We all need to Support our local Colleges and not just support and inspire the learners but the lecturers – and build that trust and support network between education and Industry.

I know we are all busy and trying to keep positive – an invite was sent out to a few Passion friends and instantly – Alan Paton and John Jackaman – both said yes we will support ( and John added his whole kitchen team from ICE – bless ) – Great Menu Below – and With A Passion to Inspire – we support all aspects of hospitality – so we had the GM from MJP restaurants Bradley Dorrington coming to support the front of house learners for service and the wonderful people at Hallgarten & Novum Wines – especially Ed – who formatted the wine matches and before service all the learners and Lecturers had a full run through of the whole menu and service.

Through A Passion to Inspire – local employers were also Invited to have a special Chefs/ Employers Table – and we had some brilliant local employers Kwoklyn Wan , Keith , Restaurant 263, Salvatore Tassari , LCFC , MJP Restaurants ,Stoke By Nayland Resort, Kyle Lawrence Midshire - Samworth Butchers and other great employers who will commit to other forms of engagement to help in the future Daniel Jimminson – Hammer and Pincers - David and Brett The Gm Ragdale Hall – Martin Allen Rushton Hall Aaron Paterson Hambleton Hall - Stapleford Park and Kilworth House , Harry Gurney – Tap and Run – Thank you all so Much and Nationally we all need to go that extra Mile to help our Industries future and growth .

Also a massive thanks to all the guests – we were planning for 45 Guests – and when we released The Event - the support was magic and now 68 – and what a great evening we had – fantastic food – but more importantly – now highly motivated learners and lecturers – take care and be safe.

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