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MCSUK - Good fish guild book released 

7th October 2020

Inspire your Young Chefs - Students - Brigade and Colleagues – New Ratings Guide launch date TODAY 7th October 2020!!!


MCSUK have just launched the latest updates to their Free App – to help understand , sustainability , seasons and best fish to Purchase and protect our seas !


Send pictures and recipes of dishes you have created using sustainable produce and they will go live on the MCSUK website !


Doing the right thing is easier than you think – contact Charlotte Coombes on for a FREE box of pocket Good Fish Guides leaflets containing top tips for choosing sustainable seafood and an up-to-date shortlist of the best choices and what to avoid – great for students, colleagues, Chefs and customers. You can also check out their Good Fish Guide online for more detailed information, and download the pocket Guide and free app here


MCS Ocean Ambassador Cyrus Todiwala OBE, DL says “I have always been extremely aware of the environmental challenges and difficulties such as over-fishing in India and elsewhere, and I truly believe that education is key to conservation. We have to make more people aware of the need to protect our natural resources, and this includes encouraging people to choose sustainable sources of seafood. It is therefore a privilege to be an Ocean Ambassador for the Marine Conservation Society and to champion the excellent work that they do.”


Anywone that cooks  should have this on their phone or in their back pocket !

British Pollock- Image credit Natasha Ew
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