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The Student Watercress Challenge 2020

1st October 2020

Always a pleasure when someone gets in contact and wishes to Inspire Young People


A simple and fun competition – all about Watercress  - Closing date 28.10.20 ! 


The Prize is a stunning engraved WUSTHOF Knife worth over £120 – and we have 2 one for the Winner and one for their lecturer.


Create a stunning dish using Watercress post a picture and description  on social media using @passion2inspire #watercresschallenge @Sey_Chef 


The Judges are Seymour Millington and Mick Burke - by entering this competition you will allow us to use your images for marketing and social media


And for Chefs  - go to @Skillsforchefs – and David McKown for your competition 


Please have fun and take care 


All the best



Student Watercress Challenge 2020.jpg
Student Watercress Challenge Prize 2020.
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